1800 Calorie Diet plan Benefits


8 Great Tips to Lose 10 Kilos Fast


1) Have Support 


Motivation is the 70% plan. If you need it, get one of your friends to play the role of your weight loss manager or make some group arrangement and see how others carry on with their routine as it will help you greatly.


2) Say Hello to Fish


Fish is a great friend of your in weight loss journey as it has a few calories and is rich in omega-3, and it combines well with vegetables. In terms of variety, there is a lot to choose from like salmon, tuna, sardines and many more. 


3) Move 


It is often the most difficult stage, but the hardest thing is to get to work. All means are good for exercise, from climbing or running up and down stair or walking. There is only one requirement which is to move. Ideally, you should dedicate 2 to 3 hours a week to play some sports, and you can divide it as 20-minute or 30-minute session and it will really work. 


4) Discard the Temptations


The basic plan is not to eat everything and have balanced food. Before you start, get rid of the cookies and pastries already kept in your pantry or fridge as they are great temptations. Now you need to develop the menu of permitted foods and give respect to the selected menu by following it strictly. Above all, do not ever go shopping with empty stomach.


5) Don’t Skip Meals


When a diet is started, there is tendency to overindulge, and the biggest mistake in this regard is skipping the meals. In fact, this action not only encourages eating you more at the next meal, but body also gets alert and stores more quantity for the next time. The ideal division should be consisted of breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 2 light snacks.


6) Pay Attention to Drinks


The carbonated beverages are prohibited since they have high sugar content and you must consume sugar in low or moderate quantity. Overconsumption may provoke further consumption of such beverages as addictive to the taste sweet. 


7) Pyramid Rule


To lose weight, you have to respect a simple principle of pyramid i.e. eat well at breakfast and lunch, and eat light at night. Actually, in morning and at noon, body needs energy while at night it only stores. Moreover, a light dinner also promotes better sleep.


8) 1800 Calorie Diet Plan 


For complete diet, I suggest you to make 1800 calorie diet plans which must include all the essential nutrients needed by your body so that you do not face any health hazards.